Captain John Braves The Mighty Raritan

by St. Sat B

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This album was recorded in multiple garages, bedrooms, cars, bathrooms, and (believe it or not) studios across New Jersey and New York from 2005-2007. It has the remarkable ability to make me cringe by how ridiculous it can be ("La Duh Dumb") and how incredibly personal it can get ("Old Man"). I think that's a good thing.


released December 10, 2007

all songs written (and mostly performed) by Jimmy Francis (BMI) except tracks 11 and 12 (Francis/De Maria)

Mike De Maria:
Bass on 2,4,8,11,12
Drums/Percussion on 5,9,10
Keys on 12
Backing Vocals on 1,2,4,7,8,9,11
Lead Vocals on 12

Brandon Kleiber:
Bass on 3
Guitar on 2
Backing Vocals on 11

Ryan Thornton plays drums on tracks 1,2,4,11
Drums engineered by Tovi Rodriguez and produced by Jack Petruzzelli

Mastered by Tom Ruff at Asbury Media

Strange Australian Vocals on 12 by Stangus Riff Treagus

Artwork by Jimmy, Brandon, and Mike



all rights reserved
Track Name: You + I + No One
We've stood like trees since our upbringing
We pile more leaves each autumn
We've shown regard to each new name carved
But we're sinking in our garbage
I watch every day leave like it came

So what I really want to say is caught in my throat
And what you really need to know is I love you so
Tonight I'm gonna leave and you're gonna come with me
No need to do this alone

So recklessly this band of thieves
Turns to the sea that beckons
To change their lives
To take back the time so wrongfully stolen
Raveling ties long undone
Changing the song already sung
You and I and no one
Track Name: Fireman's Fair
Will this be the last night that fireworks will fill the sky?
It's been three long days, it's cold outside
But I've still got the feeling that I've just arrived
The flashing lights will glow all night as we gaze into the New York City skyline
And we're all friends, at least I think we might be
Hold on, we're fading out and you know, you don't look alright

Will this be the last time that we ever talk again?
I think it is.

A few years pass, still cold outside
And I'm behind a door that's jammed pretty tight
And all my friends? Left them behind.
When I try to dial phone numbers I go blind
But that's alright, I'm feeling fine
I'm a Southern Jersey kid I got right
Now I'm starting fights and threatening suicide
And if you pull a knife just stab away because I want to die young

Empty lyrics
Ooo's and Ahh's

I swear I would have drove past the signs if I had any gas
But the shit's been stacked so high and money's gone too fast
And I've been selling all of my things so I can get to class
It's about time to re-awake mind from this catatonic state
Erase the strait lines
When it's good enough we'll fuck it up
Oh that's right, we and us

And we'll do it all again, strait from the top
Since we're all going to hell, we'll light the fireworks ourselves
Track Name: A Few Steps in The Morning
The city streets spoke to me
They begged "Please stay another night"
"This is your home, this you know
Leave your simple ways behind
We'll keep you in our hearts"

Oh I'll try, I'll try to tear myself away
From my suburban frame, from the same old day
But I'll fail you, I always seem to

They said: "Please"

Oh I can't come today, I'm shackled to this town
When I find the key you'll hear from me
I'll be coming down

And I tried, and I tried
Broke walls down, I want out
And they still spoke to me
"Hurry, your number's running out"

I won't sleep until you have me
Track Name: Opposite Doors
A bag of clothes, a wad of money in my pocket
A pack of cigarettes, a long car ride
They're throwing punches and I've been struck from the side
I sunk my head so no one could see me
But it's been pretty hard to disguise
It's all over the ground and I can't seem to hide

And we entered on opposite doors
You put your head on my shoulder when the car hit the road
I wanted so bad for that pedal to hit the floor
They tried to talk but I stayed silent
They told jokes and I tried to smile
The only thing that was on my mind for miles

Was somebody loves me
and she'd take me away from here
She cures the blind and says "Move faster child"
"If you stay near you will die"

I looked around and nothing seemed familiar
Right place, right girl, wrong time
So I smoked like and fiend and swore like a swine
I told myself that this is never going to repeat
I'm going home I'm gonna do things right
Please don't ever make me go home

And then all started to sink in
I kept my mouth shut, then again it always is
I've stuttered every word ever since I was a kid
The room was spinning as the telephones chimed
I didn't notice some people walk by
"What's your story?" No you don't want mine.

But your friend made it faster your friend made it go
She made it faster she made it go

Somebody told me the past is going to haunt your mind
So I figured that I'd clear mine out
If you don't remember you'll be fine
For a little while
Track Name: Old Man
Old man, are you dead yet?
I didn't forget how to be a good man
My hands are a sinner's hands
But I didn't forget how to be a good man
You should come around more often
I think the kids might want to see you
And you shouldn't disappoint them after all that they've been through
They won't forget like I forget
I'll let it slide like the other times
Old man, are you dead yet?
I didn't forget how to be a good man

Well I feel guilty for our past sometimes I hope you do too
I want you know that there's still a part of me that wants you to get to know me
I'll get to know you and we'll be friends instead of acquaintances

Now old friend, are you here yet?
It's Monday you said today you'd come home
Please don't forget
Don't do this again
I won't forget

You said when the trees grow their leaves back you'll be knocking on our door
You said you knew that you've done wrong you won't hurt us anymore
Yeah, we got your email and I think this time it's true
I want you to know that there's a part of me that wants you to get to know me
I'll get to know you and we'll be family instead of strangers

Old man, we're at the door step
I didn't forget how to be a good man
Old man, are you dead yet?
You never forgot how to break a man's heart
Track Name: Elizabeth
A brick sailed through the sky
It flew a mile high
We didn't care who lived inside
We just need to see them cry

And they cried
We sucked at life

Now how could this go wrong?
I told you when I'm gone we'll be back soon and write some songs
But now you've got shit going on

Oh my
She's not your type

Our misery can be traced to me
And the stupid things best left behind

Take me back today
I don't wanna grow another day
Take me back to when you stood right by my side
Without a woman in our eyes

Oh my
Give it time
Track Name: La Duh Dumb
I've got these friends back home
We're all from broken minds and broken hearts
We're close
You'd need pliers to pull us apart

And we're smart
(We know) that a love lost is a love best left alone
It'll pass so we don't appreciate you asking:

'Are you happy? Are you sad?'
Kinda caught in the middle
'Did you cry because it hurt so bad?'
Not at all! Well, just a little
'Was there anything you would of changed?'
I wish I would've left her sooner

I lost my mind, I didn't sleep
I was tossed around like a rotted piece of meat
I was a whore. Anything for a cheap fuck and a score
And my friends would say I need to beat it and just flat-out run away
And I did
I'd be nothing without them

It's always plain to see to anyone but you
You'll raise your guard and tell em to go screw
But when it's all through you're gonna wish you would have left her sooner
But what are you gonna do...

Now this girl, a real catch
Is all over you and drags you to the bed
And her dress slips off and her legs are spread
And your heart filled up
Ever since you've been in a relationship with her
You've given all you can but now she's sleeping with another man

So if you're feeling down
Cos your woman is gonna leave you
She ain't worth the pain or the time of day

And if you feel like shit
Don't let her know it
Head up, walk strait
Take a breath and say

Fuck you

We're all feeling swell on this one-way to hell
So If you wanna come with us I'm driving the fucking bus
Track Name: Maybe Tomorrow
The flicker of hope that arose just a moment ago no longer floats
Our affair, you declare with despair, can't be repaired
So tell me what for?
Here's my coat. There's the door.
It's a chore to still implore
My plea is ignored
What was love is now no more

The rancor on my face
Facades that soon will fade

Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready for today
Maybe tomorrow we'll just shake these blues away
or may I'll understand why we have lost our way
Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready for today

A million promises sealed in card
A dozen roses you disregard
I can heal your heart's scars
I'll give you all of which you've been starved
But don't tell me you've heard this before
Because before it was different
Now I can assure you the hoard of lies you abhor will vanish with this storm

But I see it on your face
It's a gaze devoid of change
I slowly am erased
You've replaced this disgrace without a trace
You walk away

Maybe my neck won't break from the ton that my head seems to weigh
Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready for today
Track Name: Have You The Heart?
I built a home of all I own
Of sticks and stones, TVs and telephones
I live alone

I'm making out my great escape
But I'd quit today if you would stay with me
Live with me

Have you the heart?
Have you the heart to look this way?
If I fell apart would you fall with me?

Oh I'd drop it all for you my girl
I love you cos you're beautiful to me
I'd drop everything

Have you the heart?
Have you the heart to look this way?
If I fell apart would you fall with me?

Have you the heart?
Have you the heart to look this way?
If I fell apart (and I'm falling apart) would you fall with me?
Track Name: Sea Sick
Look closer, child, you gotta dig deep
Construct me piece by piece
Look closer, child, I'm not who I seem
Don't make your plans concrete
You've got it all mapped out, you're geared up for the fight
You're built for every situation and I think that's alright
You're the ship, I'm the sailor
But with me all you'll find is failure

There's a kid standing by the door
I can see him from my bed
He's all that I long to be but that side of me is dead

There's a window between me and everything else
And I don't want to break it cos I might cut myself
So you won't see me crying
I'll go some day
I'm trying

There's got to be some inspiration in the words you said
Cos all of these complications render me useless
You're saying oh no

We've got our target set on the hills up ahead
Will I turn around instead?
I guess we'll see what happens
Cos this road is not tailored
We'll have to guide this ship together
Track Name: We Mean It
It's a stop sign
You know I never learn my lesson
It's a red light
The kind that blinds you and raises questions
Where do these doors lead?
Where will you take me?
Up the brightness and the color
People say I'm spiraling down
I'm well aware and I won't lift a finger
It'll work it's way out

I know your right thing
I use diplomacy
Excuse my truancy caused by hypocrisy
We're gonna tear it down
For everyone to see
We'll answer to ourselves
Hell yeah, man, anarchy!

You can stop talking
You can excuse you, sir
I'm a college educated liberal arts major
I've sailed life's seas knowing nothing
My ignorance can make a sane man lose his mind
My high tide won't subside

This boat's collapsing
I'm saying things have got to change
From across the Raritan Bay you can see the stars dance over the city
We'll live there some day
Like everyone else says
But we mean it
Track Name: Ballad of a Scumbag (Bonus)
(I can't believe I'm typing the lyrics to this)

This is that song
People say that I am the miser
People say that I am the mooch
Well I've go something to tell them
I say "Dude? What The Fuck?"
"Let me get that dollar!"
"Why not make it a few?"

So the other day I called my frent
I called him Collect
I had a question for him that I needed him to answer
Why he picked up the phone I said,
"Dude? What the fuck?"
"Let me sleep over for a night or two"

I get by
I live my live
I get by fine and I get by day by day
I get by fine without earning a dime
La la la la la
And I get by fine without earning a dime
Cos I got no job and I got no car
But I have friends and they support me
That's what they do
That's what they do

So the other day me and my girl, my bitch, my ho-ens