Dig a Hole

by St. Sat B

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Whereas "Captain John..." was recorded in various places all over NJ and NY in a span of over two years, "Dig a Hole" was tracked in the Pocono Mountains in PA during one April weekend in 2009.

Eric Truchan, the greatest drummer in the world (fact), accompanied me to my uncle Jack Petruzzelli's studio in the mountains of Pennsylvania (how adventurous!) to record, what we believed would be, a confident, nasty, aggressive follow-up to our first album. Instead, we came out with the record you may be listening to now.

Due to financial constrains (and I may have broken up the band shortly after finishing it), I never had the money to get it mixed or mastered so it's been sitting on my hard drive for three years. I've always looked back on this album like it's a sort of time capsule of one of the weirdest periods of my life. I'm glad I finally mustered up the courage to give it a facelift in my recording software and share it.

A word of caution: This album is still unmixed and mastered. The audio quality isn't perfect but it's great considering, thanks to the amazing job our engineer, Rich Lamb, did while recording us. Also, if your only experience with St. Sat B is the goofy "Captain John" era stuff, you're in for a surprise. This one is quite different.

Hope you like it!

PS. The bonus track, "The Big House," is a demo version of a song that eventually became "Old News." It wasn't recorded during this session but it's the same time period. It's a home recording that I also play drums (poorly) on.


released April 4, 2012

All songs written by Jimmy Francis (BMI)

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano - Jimmy Francis
Drums, Backing Vocals - Eric Truchan

Rich Lamb plays beautiful keys on track 8 and badass organ on track 9

Produced by Jack Petruzzelli
Engineered by Rich Lamb

Album cover picture of my sister, Brittany, on a roof was taken by someone in my family. I'm sure they'll tell me who eventually.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Secret Messages From The Dead!
I saw my reflection in a train passing by
Going nowhere near I'm going but I stepped inside
And lost my direction and left all that's mine
To wallow in the waters of a tide far from my mind
Now I won't have to sing anymore for they've taken my tongue
Oh what a prize I've won
A gift for everyone
We've all won

Joy now forever for the new king will rise
A God that we will see with our own two eyes
And he'll gather the mindless
The thorns in our sides
And milk them for nothing in the factory lines
In time we'll find that thing in the mirror won't show us what we have become
My God where have you gone?
A gift I can't return

Oh I'm so lonely baby
I don't know how this happened
And I've been thinking lately
It's time to quit this god damn job

Oh hold on my love my only love
My time has come and all I need is one
Just one more chance

To make my dissection
To cut through the night
To make my connection with the afterlife
I saw my reflection in a train passing by
My love turned electric in a sea of satellites
Now no one wins
Track Name: The Lion
I'm leaving the country
Cos a doctor's bill has got me sick full of worry
So I'll take more pills and pray to God that they help me
Still I made my will
Side effects can be deadly
The internet says they kill

It's a new rule we're born into
Where a profit worth more than you
You got to fight for yourself or fall like everyone else

I knew a guy who was digging in Radiation Trails
He thought he'd challenge the system
I watched him fail
A loser to his condition
To be young and frail
A coffin they couldn't give him
Can't afford the nails
A claim rejected

He said there's new rules we're born into
We follow blindly we live as fools
Take a look all around and see the pain in this town

Can you lend me a hand?
My brother, my friend
You know I'd understand if they were all filled up
While the expenses climb our assistance declines
If you can't space a dime
No, I won't blame you
It's what expected

It's just a new rule we're born into
And medicare cannot cover you
You can leave in your car, the doctor sends his regards
Just go home, drive safe
It's in your head, sir
Tighten those screws
The God above will come down for you
Just ignore all around
You do not live in this town
Track Name: The Partridge
It's strange, how many people look you in the eye
While waiting at the junction, waiting for my ride
To take me someplace far from here
But I always change my mind
I see a stranger stare at me, departures pass me by
I see a girl across the platform
A train pulls in and speeds away another person gone
Where'd you go?

Are you like me?
A wandering soul?
The rails could never
Take us home
How I wish you'd ride with me
In this double seat
But you're gone forever

Departures pass me by
Another transfer, another place, another time
Another platform, another person left behind

Are you like me?
Are you alone?
Could you ever make it home?
Well here's place for you to sit
Take us wherever

Where'd you go?
Track Name: Let's Be Successful!
I felt the wind blow through my window, I swear the air tasted like the sea
And the way the sun shone, It was telling me to come home
But he knows I can't so he cries himself to sleep

This time I won't give up so easily
This time I'm gonna let love into me
This time I'm sure to find what was lost and make it mine
Yeah this time, you're mine

I feel a hot breath pour down my neck every time that my heart begins to race
And I see a dead kid inside my eyelids and he says, "Man, don't lose your place"

Well I'm screaming at empty rooms to show some pride
So the only thing I'm losing is my mind
And who can break my stride if no one wants to ride?
So I'm alright, I'm alright

Oh one more time I'm gonna read the lines to this script I've been handed
And I'm pushed aside in this factory line
I fall out of the mold, with the others I'm sold
You know it never gets old

Until tonight
It feels like nothings right
I'm in a sea of gray
Are they like me?
Stepping into the when no one cares what they bring
Trying to find that gleams inside those broken dreams

I saw an old man sitting with a tin can and he made me sick with each minor picked
He spoke about a dirt road that shows the way home
And it's there when you think you're gonna give

He said: My friend you gotta stand on your two feet
And rise above the insects underneath
Cos back home I dug a hole and inside I left my soul
And you soon will know
Back home I dug a hole and buried everyone I know
Just like you
Track Name: New Year
My heart goes black in the tunnel from Manhattan
Taken away from the town I want to stay
Winter stepped in faster than we wished it
Soon now we're on our way
We're on our way home
A path I will disown

I've spent too much time riding on the coast line
Too many days spent gazing from a train
A ray of sunshine brings a song to my mind
A pretty ditty we can sing all the way home
Oh don't make me sing alone

It's a victory song
So all we gotta do is win

Love me, New Year
Give me what I want
Yeah I've worked so hard
Harder than anyone else

There's been too much time on the callous coast line
Spent in a daze just starring into space
It all just flies by like every day I'm alive
What a hole, what a waste
I might as well take it home
At least I'll be all alone

It's a victory song for all of the kids who just keep on pushing
Who don't do what I did

Mercy, New Year
Give me a fair shot
No I can't go on
So we need to go someplace else

It's a victory song for all of my friends who just keep on pushing
Who fight to the end

There's no way home
We gotta go someplace else the moment that the clock strikes twelve
Track Name: Where No One Goes
A day passed just like the last one
On my ass with a bottle of rum
A day spent to figure out the next one
It took years to see I waste my time
To find what we all find
We start one place and end up the same
And every day you're gonna feel you're heart's pain
You're never gonna feel good in one place
I entertain the thought to pull the brakes
To find my next place
but refrain

Who goes where no one goes?
No one I know
So I'll keep in my head
Kept warm inside my bed
Then I'll play it in my mind
While tomorrow passes by

So let's knock 'em down
Every pint and fluid ounce
If I'm just gonna waste my time I won't see it clearly now
So bye-bye, New York City!
See you later, teenager dreams!
Every single conversation loved-ones had with me I will thrown out

Who goes where no one goes?
No one I know
Now time is moving slow
But the gears proceed to roll
Taking all in it's path
The time we won't get back

Who goes?
Everyone but me
So caught up in my dreams
The ones that put me on the streets
The ones that make me me
The ones I lock up in my head
Burning up inside my bed
My finger on rewind
While tomorrow passes by

I took a second to plan a minute
I dug a hole and I'm gonna live in it
I finished off my bottle of rum
A day passed just like the last one
Track Name: Old News From a New Heart
You let me down but I don't care
We were not meant to make it there
We were two kids with an illness
We were not meant to change

I let you down like a bed time prayer
Wishing we could make it there
But we were too bored to find a real cure
So we drank ourselves to sleep

There's a place for us somewhere
But they'll deny that too
Yeah there's a place for me and you

Crashing down, ripped from the sky
Were the stars held in my eye
You're my best friend and i couldn't care less
About the big ol' mess we made

There's a place for us somewhere
But they'll decline that too
Yeah there's a place for us fools

Well are we gonna spend another summer wasted?
We gonna throw all our money down a hole?
Are we gonna spend another waiting?
Or are we gonna go for the gold
Fancy things seem to bring happiness to all
But diamond rings only bring kids and closing walls
We'll make it big doing this, us two dreamer kids
Start any day except today

Are we gonna spend another summer wasted?
We gonna throw all we wanted down that hole?
Are we gonna sit around or should we chase this dream we've made our goal?
Pack your things bring what you need turn your back to the sea
We're heading west to leave this mess called New Jersey
The city street used to speak now they don't talk to me
We'll play our way to LA

Are we gonna spend another summer wasted?
We gonna climb out of this hole?
People say that we were close enough to taste it but all we did was implode
The empty rooms will fill up soon if you just believe
That what we do is true and everyone will see
That we can be anywhere that we want to be
But "any day" became to late and we gave it up
Yeah we gave it up, we gave it all away

Now it's old new from a new heart
I won't make the same mistake

Yeah there's a place for us somewhere
Cos we defy the rules
Another thing we can drink to
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
Let's hide tonight
From the blinding lights of the city cast down so impurely
Let's be like them
We'll be just like them
We'll shine just like them
When darkness is shed
Darling we'll burn bright tonight

It's dark outside
There's not a soul in sight
You close your eyes and dream
And you sing each thing your heart tells you to sing
And you sing so lovely

And we leave our woes behind
We'll worry another time
All that's out of reach can stay out of reach

Let's hide tonight
From the darkened skies
They're all asleep except for you and me
And I don't want to be like them

It's dark outside
It's time to say goodnight
To all you hide
And we'll dream
And we'll sing the things we've always deemed obscene
And we'll sing so lovely
Track Name: The Lamb
This is the close of my forever trip
This is the time when I pack up and quit
This is the end of whatever could have been
I can't help but feel ashamed

This is the stop where I get off this train
Where I cut off my hair and find myself a new name
Where I rest my bald head and feel like I'm out of place
I can't help thinking of your face

This is the sky where the stars shine so bright
Where we sat underneath and planned the rest of our lives
But we don't talk anymore and it makes me want to die
I can't help myself
I can't help anyone

Maybe if you asked me kindly I would not go
Maybe if you asked me nicely I would stay
Maybe if you only asked me, things would change
Track Name: The Big House (Bonus Demo)
Well my dear did you find my demons?
Did you look everywhere from here to the ceiling?
I can't tell you where cos I'm not feeling true

Hey, there's a place for us somewhere
But they'll deny that, too
There's a place for me and you

Well my friend did you check your balance?
I guess by now your fear of debt's all callus
Those damn collectors know they can't take a thing from you

Hey, there's a place for us somewhere
But they'll decline that too
There's a place for us fools