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from by St. Sat B

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I felt the wind blow through my window, I swear the air tasted like the sea
And the way the sun shone, It was telling me to come home
But he knows I can't so he cries himself to sleep

This time I won't give up so easily
This time I'm gonna let love into me
This time I'm sure to find what was lost and make it mine
Yeah this time, you're mine

I feel a hot breath pour down my neck every time that my heart begins to race
And I see a dead kid inside my eyelids and he says, "Man, don't lose your place"

Well I'm screaming at empty rooms to show some pride
So the only thing I'm losing is my mind
And who can break my stride if no one wants to ride?
So I'm alright, I'm alright

Oh one more time I'm gonna read the lines to this script I've been handed
And I'm pushed aside in this factory line
I fall out of the mold, with the others I'm sold
You know it never gets old

Until tonight
It feels like nothings right
I'm in a sea of gray
Are they like me?
Stepping into the when no one cares what they bring
Trying to find that gleams inside those broken dreams

I saw an old man sitting with a tin can and he made me sick with each minor picked
He spoke about a dirt road that shows the way home
And it's there when you think you're gonna give

He said: My friend you gotta stand on your two feet
And rise above the insects underneath
Cos back home I dug a hole and inside I left my soul
And you soon will know
Back home I dug a hole and buried everyone I know
Just like you


from Dig a Hole, released April 4, 2012



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